Approximately 200,000 predominantly healthy animals are euthanised in pounds each year across Australia. Why? simply because there isn't enough homes for them.
Giving an animal a photo that makes them stand out, shows off their unique personality and simply makes them look their best, gives them the best opportunity for someone to fall in love with them. 
They say a photo speaks a thousand words, I want to be able to give these animals a voice, for them to be able to shout "Im your next best friend" through a photo.

If you run a rescue feel free to email me!

During my studies at RMIT I got the opportunity to follow a dog from pound till he was adopted while documenting the behind the scenes process that many people dont see. This was for an assignment that was to create a documentary black and white photobook.
The photo above was the day we picked him up from the rural NSW pound.
Left photo was during his desexing surgery.

For the past 5 years I have been volunteering my skills to Animal Rescue, running fundraisers, photographing and designing their yearly calendars.

Whenever I get the chance I also photograph their dogs and cats up for adoption to help them find their forever homes.

If you are looking to foster, volunteer or adopt contact the rescues directly 

I would love to be involved with more animal rescues, so please feel free to send me through an email!