Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We have a small studio located in Inverloch
Location sessions can be done where ever yours and your pets special place is. We have a free travel radius of 30km from Inverloch, beyond that there is a small travel fee of 85 cents per km to cover costs and time.

Do I get to choose my images to be printed?

Yes! This is one of the most important parts of having professional photos taken. We will schedule an appointment for a couple of weeks after the photo session for you to come back to view the images.
I will go through the images and select approximately 20-25 images, I will then fully retouch these photos for you to choose from during the reveal and ordering appointment.

**market days excluded from this, best image chosen by photographer

Does my dog have to be off lead? Im worried that he might run off.

Don't stress, photoshopping out leads is my forte! Your dogs safety is always number one priorty so for location shoots I can provide a thin lead and coach you on how to best hold it so it can easily be photoshopped out for your end product.

Im not sure if my dog is well enough behaved for a photo shoot?

During my volunteer work for animals rescues I have worked with many different animal personalities, from the balls of energy to the shy and nervous. We will go at your pets pace, with lots of treats and a calm enviroment.
For the high energy pooches I recomennd taking your dog for a walk about an hour before the shoot to burn off some of that excess energy.
Basic obedience is a bonus but not required, I have lots of treats, squeeky things and I make a fair few silly noises to get those gorgeous head tilts.

What should I bring?

Anything that you think portrays your pets unique personality, their favourite toys, teddys, blankets, outfits or even that odd household item that they are obsessed with.

For studio sessions I like to remove the pets collar but if you prefer to keep it on that is fine too, for location sessions please avoid harnesses and ensure any council tags are removed as they distract from the photo and are unnecessary photoshop work.

Can I be in some of the photos aswell? If so what should I wear?

Of course! The bond you share with your pets is defineilty something to capture!
As for attire, plain is better, avoid shirts with logos or intense patterns. In saying that though make sure you feel comfortable in what you are wearing and it is appropriate for the location we are at, sand and stiletos dont go too well together :P

Do you only photograph dogs and cats?

Not at all! I encourage people to do photoshoots with all types of pets, they all deserve a chance to strut their stuff!

Can I purchase just digital images?

Nothing feels better then holding a printed photo and proudly displaying it on your wall or in the form of a photobook that you can show to your friends and family, dont hide your photos and memories away on a usb stick.
I encourage my clients to display their images in a way that suits their household and needs, this is something we will go through during the viewing appointment.
All wall art purchased comes with the digital image, Canvas and Acrylic come with high resolution and matted prints come with low resolution with the option of upgrading them. When purchasing canvas prints the high resolution digital copy must be available for warranty purposes.

I do offer digital packages as an add on, these can only be ordered with an order of printed products and I can not guarentee the quality of any prints that are not done through wet nose studio. My equipment is calibrated to my printing companies equipment to ensure the best possible outcome, I only print through printing companies that use and produce high quality products and my prints come with a gaurentee.

Why not just purchase digital and then print them myself at a cheaper store?

I only use the highest quality printing services. A lot of time and effort was put into researching, testing and ensuring my products will not only look amazing but last for generations to come!
Recently I did a comparison test of a photo printed at a Big W compared to my printing company, the results were astonishing! Big W was very soft with no sharpness to it, it had a blue colour cast over the photo and was desaturated with the colours looking very flat, where as my print came back exactly how it is viewed on my screen.
My equipment is calibrated to my printing companies equipment this means that what I see on my screen is what you receieve, companies such as Big W, Kmart, Harvey Normal, dont have their printers colour calibrated so a photo could have any colour cast added to it. Feel free to send me through an questions you have about this.

Why are your prints more expensive then the prints at chain companies?

When you purchase a print from me you are not just paying the high quality physical print, you are purchasing my art; my time to cull through hundreds of images, my experience and skill to edit and retouch to a high standard, the cost of the professional printing which includes print prices, postage prices, I test print every image to ensure the colour and image is perfect before printing the final image. You are paying for my knowledge and my skills to ensure you receive the highest quality artwork.

My canvas prints come with a 75 year unlimited warranty, this includes accidental damage. All other prrints come with a 30 year manafacturers warranty, including defects such as fading.

Digital Images

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