Hi, I’m Chelsea.
Photographer and proud dog mum/ferrant to a cheeky Poodle mix and a 4 year old Sable Ferret. Bit of a crazy dog person, but hey if you are reading this you probably fit into that category too! If you aren't quite at the crazy dog person stage yet dont worry we still have something in common, the love we have for those furry critters we call part of our family. 


My love for photography grew when I bought my first decent camera and guess what my very first photo on it was of... yep that fuzzy dog. Ever since that moment I fell in love with capturing things, from my friends perfect baby bump to the little bugs and flowers in my garden, but my passion has always been animals. 
I studied photography for 2 years at RMIT University, focusing my work on pets as much as they would allow me, fashion? No worries I will put a dog with the model, product? dog grooming products count right? 
I graduated in 2017 with an end of year portfolio focused on Service Dogs "Those who lend a helping paw".

I offer both studio and location photography, being surrounded by breathtaking locations on one of the most beautiful coasts in Australia helps with this!

For the past 4 years I have been volunteering my time to Second Chance Animal Rescue, a photo speaks a thousand words and there is no better feeling then to give a voice to an animal that is patiently waiting for its second chance at happiness. A voice that gives them the opportunity to say “ Hey, I’m your next best friend!”

I can't wait to meet you all and all your fuzzie adorable family members!